The Insurance Advocates Difference

The Insurance Advocates Difference

Our competitive advantage is our value proposition. We believe that we can make the “Golden Rule” a business practice and do so by doing the right thing, in the right way, with the right people, for the right reasons. In so doing, we will get the right result.

Our commitment to our clients and our earnest desire to work with them efficiently, effectively, and proactively by personalizing and customizing the insurance buying process is our hallmark.

Our exclusive blend of needs-based programs and personalized service plan designs build lasting value for our clients by keeping them informed and educated. This unique approach helps them to identify and address safety issues that may have resulted in an accident, mishap, or claim. Additionally, when a claim does occur, we make sure that our clients are prepared and protected.

The results of our work will be:

  • Consistent and sustainable improvement in organizational wellbeing.
  • Dramatic boosts in efficiency from our use of technology and our ability to provide professional services that reach far beyond insurance.
  • An expansion of your company’s footprint using our network, marketing assistance, and referral bank.
  • Expert guidance, consulting, and leadership from members of our team.

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