Step 3 Implementation

Step 3 Implementation

First impressions are important. The Insurance Advocates  work closely with you and the insurers to manage the new plan implementation process. The goal is to have the smoothest plan implementation possible.

We begin by making an implementation checklist and timeline outlining the responsibilities of the insurer, The Insurance Advocates,  and your team. Next, we monitor the timeline to make sure that each item is being taken
care of in a timely manner. Our involvement with new plan implementation also includes:

  • Developing employee communication materials.
  • Reviewing and editing insurance company communication materials.
  • Arranging and/or conducting employee informational meetings.
  • Implementing a value-added service schedule for ongoing coaching, training, and employee support.

After inplementation, we’ll continue to solicit and monitor employee feedback.  This type of open dialogue answers questions before they become issues, keeps your carrier accountable to the employees that they serve, and helps us both to frame future recommendations for your plan design.  We keep intentionally keep our phone ringing so that yours doesn’t.

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