Step 2 Carrier Connections

Step 2 Carrier Connections

As your advocate, it is our responsibility to present you in the most favorable light to the carriers that are competing to be your partner.  Inspiring competition and cooperation among these carriers requires a heightened level of trust and respect between all parties.  We are proud to say that the quality and depth of our relationships is unsurpassed.  This is what they tell us.  It means that when they get our proposal for your company, they’ll be more than interested – they’ll be excited.

We begin the “marketing” process by:

  • Working with you to define the objectives of the marketing.
  • Developing a meaningful “request for proposal”, asking insurers/providers
    for the appropriate plan designs and funding mechanisms.
  • Presenting you in the best possible light to the insurers/providers.

After reviewing and negotiating proposals, we provide you with:

  • An overview of the options available.
  • A financial and benefit analysis/comparison of the options.
  • A network and/or policy provision analysis/comparison when appropriate.
  • An “evaluation” of the insurer’s/provider’s financial stability, service capabilities, etc…

In the end, you recieve the most advanced combination of programs and services available at the best price point.  More value for your premium without having to ask.

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