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The traditional insurance buying process is tired, cumbersome, and annoyingly time consuming. What should be a personalized and informed broker and program selection process has become commoditized, transactional, robotic, and littered with empty promises about partnership and service.

We’ve had enough and we think you have as well.

The Insurance Advocates are a break-away team of insurance professionals who decided to modernize and personalize an antiquated industry. We’ve created a model that, upon meeting you, provides our team with a clear understanding of the your definition of value, company culture, operations, vision for the future, expectations of your broker, challenges, goals, priorities, and insurance needs. With this information, our team is well equipped to provide a detailed game plan that contains a customized service schedule outlining what we’ll do, how we’ll do it, when it will be done, and the impact we will have.

We didn’t build a better mouse trap, we got rid of the mice.

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